Tips - by Mackay Wedding Photographers Five Star Studios

some helpful tips TO HELP THE DAY RUN SMOOTHLY:

TIMING:  Planning the ceremony depends upon the time of year.  Sunset times vary from 5:15pm in Winter, to as late as 7.00 pm in the peak of Summer.  SUNSET TIMES HERE

Depending on type of photographic coverage required, a ceremony starting at 2.00 pm in winter is the most suitable (though we certainly can photograph at any time you have planned); this allows for the opportunity to create great photos at locations before the sun sets and the reception begins.

BEACH BACKDROPS: Helps if you are planning a beach wedding. TIDE TIMES HERE


PHOTOGRAPHIC COVERAGE (Depending on chosen Collections Package):  We arrive approximately 2 hours before the start of ceremony at your getting dressed location for general shots first and once bridesmaids are dressed they then help you as we record your  first step of  married life; this will allow adequate time for photographing you with your family and bridesmaids and enough time for us to drive to the ceremony. Depending on Groom's location we may go there first if required.

Once Bride/Groom have been photographed we go to the Ceremony location, allowing time for driving, shoot the Groom/GM, and wait for arrival Bride/BMs, ceremony coverage, then family, location shots, and Full/Part Reception coverage.


TANNING:  We know that you want to look the very best for your special day.  If you are considering an applied tan, please arrange for a trial at least 2 months prior to the wedding day, this will allow you to see the effects. Tanning will affect skin colour, obviously, so it's wise to test first.


RECOMMENDATIONS ALLOWING FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC TIME ~ Not including the Ready Shots or Reception: 

 [This is just from commencement of Ceremony to arriving at Reception] 
In general if you schedule around the 3 to 3.5 hours mark from the start of ceremony time to commencement of reception, this will have you photographed at locations of your choosing with plenty of variation.


LOCATION SELECTIONS:  Variety is the spice of life and you really want the best possible results, so good decisions in choosing the right locations for photographing is paramount to capturing memories for your magical day.  To help the day run smoothly, if you want two or more locations, take an actual trial run, allowing for your wedding party to get in and out of the cars, and also think of the order so we cover the least amount of distance in the shortest time.  Doing this will give us more opportunity for those great photos.


SPECIAL PHOTOS REQUEST:  Certain photos invoke feelings of fond memories and by all means please feel free to suggest an image request you may have seen in a magazine, a friend's wedding photo or one you think of yourself.

We are here to help you achieve only the best loving memories of your Wedding Day.


SUNSET PHOTOS:  This is vastly dependent upon two factors:
1) Weather: This we can’t control.
2) Time: Allowing adequate time to be in the right location well before the sun sets, and it sets surprisingly fast.


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